My Story

I like to think that my passion for architecture and my interest in playing around with spaces was inherited from my father, who was an amazingly talented journeyman carpenter. When most little girls' dads were taking them out for ice cream, my dad and I would visit residential developments which were in various stages of construction, and he would walk me through these houses, explaining things as we went. I also spent a great deal of time with him (and my cat!) up on the roof of our flat-top home as he constructed a hand-cut and -framed gable roof with dormers which provided two more bedrooms for our growing family.




In college, I majored in Fine Art with a concentration in painting and drawing. I have always been aesthetically attuned – composition, pattern, and color are an intrinsic part of the world that I inhabit and greatly affect how I see and order things around me. Later in life, I found myself working on graph paper, restructuring the various homes that my family and I lived in, improving their functionality and also adding the little architectural details that give a house that certain charm and make them aesthetically pleasing. My background in art aided me tremendously in each undertaking.

It was during the extensive remodel of our final home, an old farmhouse built in the late 1800's, that I received confirmation that I should consider a career in residential remodeling. Our contractor, with whom I worked very closely on this project, strongly suggested that I pursue architectural design. I began my formal part-time studies at Portland Community College in 2008 in the Architectural Design and Drafting program and to date have completed 78 of the 81 credits required for my Associate of Applied Science degree. I launched my own business in 2009, and have completed working drawings for two extensive residential remodels, as well as two kitchen renovations, some bungalow apartment remodels, and have also done some freelance concept design work for other building designers.

- Carole Clark